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About Us

Head Shot - Edward RosenzweigI started collecting minerals at the age of six.  At that time, I was living in Rochester, NY and had a cousin who would take me to Herkimer to dig quartz crystals.  I still have the first Herkimer "diamond" I ever collected!  I also was an eager lapidary when I was younger, until I finally realized that I had no talent for metalsmithing or stone cutting!  However, my experiences created a life-long love of minerals and gemstones.

My collecting focus has changed several times over the years - from quartz and pyrite crystals as a kid, to South African and Tsumeb as an adult.  My personal collection is now focused on historic German specimens, particularly fluorites.  I appreciate all of the many ways to approach mineral collecting - from aesthetics to scientific interest to historical importance.  I believe a dealer should have a knowledge of all three to properly evaluate a specimen's value, importance, and beauty.

My professional background is in finance and business.  I graduated from MIT in 1982 with a degree in Management and Finance and worked in financial services and consulting for many years.  I managed investment portfolios for high-net worth customers and large pension plans with an emphasis on client service, professionalism, and trust.  I bring that same philosophy to selling minerals.  I want every customer to buy the specimen that is right for them and to help them build a personal collection which reflects their passion and interests.  To further help my customers, I completed the GIA's Graduate Gemologist program, which gives me the expertise to independently identify gemstones and spot synthetic or treated cut stones and specimens.

I share my knowledge and passion for minerals through several venues.  I've written articles on collecting, several of which are available on this site.  I give lectures to mineral clubs and other organizations.

In addition to my mineral dealership, I also continue to provide business strategy consulting services and volunteer my time to non-profit organizations, most recently as President of a New Jersey education foundation which provides targeted grants to improve classroom education in STEM fields and literacy.

Best Regards,

Ed Rosenzweig